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They also held summer school workshops to teach leadership skills to local youth. "I was really inspired by my trip," she said.

"I want to work with immigrants and refugees," Cawili said. "I come from an immigrant family, so I know how it feels to be left out. I know a lot of the troubles they experience. Here in Alameda there are Belt Ferragamo a lot of Filipinos in the community. I always hear stories about how so many of them had immigration problems and they didn't know how to get help because they had English communication problems or they didn't have enough money to pay for it. So I want to Ferragamo Belts Real

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She sharpened her communication skills in a third language Spanish when she traveled to the Dominican Republic last summer on a scholarship from Summer Search, an organization that hopes to inspire low income high school students to become altruistic leaders. Cawili was involved in a variety of community based initiatives, including a neighborhood garden project. She worked with other students and local residents to raise money for the materials.

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Cawili was selected from four finalists for the Ken and Shirley Van Sickle Scholarship. The other three were Jill Barcelona of Alameda High, Dylan Moore of the Alameda Community Learning Center and Winnie Vien of Encinal High.

"We held fiestas and movie nights where we sold food," Cawili said. "The whole point was to bring people together. We didn't just bring money in. We worked together to raise the money and build a community based project."

Keith Van Sickle, president of the scholarship foundation, said Cawili's academic accomplishments are "a testament to her talent and perseverance," especially considering that it was difficult for her to communicate in English when she and her mother first arrived here. They still speak Tagalog at home.

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"We saw in Lorraine a strong desire to help others," Van Sickle said. "The combination of great academic progress and social engagement, despite very difficult financial circumstances, made Lorraine stand out (as a scholarship candidate)." Cawili plans to major in journalism with a minor in international studies, she said. She wants to earn a master's degree and then pursue a career as a broadcast news anchor. And on the side, she wants to work in immigration law.

Here at home, Cawili has been involved in community service since she arrived at age 13 and joined the choir at St. Barnabas church. She works part time teaching literacy skills at a preschool across the street from the church and also volunteers as a tutor, helping other kids with their homework. Last year Girls, Inc. recognized her with a "Soul Award" for supporting spiritual health in the community.

When Lorraine Cawili graduates from high school this weekend, Ferragamo Belt Pictures

Belt Ferragamo

Belt Ferragamo

step up and do it. I want to help in some way."

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Alameda Science Technology grad wins scholarship

Cawili, who moved to Alameda from the Philippines in 2007, will apply the funds toward tuition at the University of Redlands, near San Bernardino. The 18 year old could enter with junior standing if all of her credits are accepted. She took courses at College of Alameda during her junior and senior years at ASTI, an early college high school.

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Belt Ferragamo

"We learned English grammar by reading and writing it, not by speaking with Hermes Belt Mens Price

Belt Ferragamo

other people," Cawili said. "That was a big challenge."

Belt Ferragamo

she'll get more than a diploma.

A top student at Alameda Science and Technology Institute (ASTI), Cawili was awarded the $5,000 Ken and Shirley Van Sickle Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement, leadership and community service.

Belt Ferragamo

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