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Now the city council has suggested charges of 1 for an hour (currently 1.40), 2 for two hours (currently 2.50) and 3 for three (currently 4.20), jumping to 5 for four, 7 for five and 9 for over five.

He said: "It is important that pricing reflects the product. Too high, as currently and people are turned off. Get the price right and people will stay longer. Wiltshire Council will have to accept the possibility there may be a short term drop in car park takings. However, we are confident this will only be a short term blip and income will quickly recover and in time exceed current levels."

WORKERS could be forced to pay even more to park in Salisbury city centre if Wiltshire Council takes on board the suggestions of Salisbury City Council.

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in the city, while still persuading those who want to stay much longer to use the park and ride services.

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Plans approved by the city council's policy and resources committee on Monday could see parking for more than five hours rise to 9, while prices for shorter term parking could be reduced to encourage visitors.

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It's a recognised fact that on the whole shoppers judge an area by Gucci Belt Red Green White

Cllr Tom Corbin, who chaired the working group, said it was important to get the balance right encouraging shoppers to come to Salisbury and spend more time and money Dolce Gabbana Belt Mens

Why is it that our Councillors don't want visitors in our city for more than 3 hours? what is the need to charge 5 for 4 hours. Clearly our Councillors just pluck these numbers out of the air or perhaps want to see more empty shops in this city and it's pretty clear that most of them do not have a clue about how retail works and the importance of keeping our city competitive.

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All day parking charge set to rise From Salisbury Journal

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its parking charges before considering the fuel they will use. Why complicate things just charge 1 per hour all day, whether they park for 1 hour or 10 hours. Those that need to park for long periods then have the option to use Park and Ride. In addition to this Wincherster is much busier on a Sunday than Salisbury Givenchy Belts

The group also felt the economy of the city would benefit greatly if a 'pay on exit' system was put in place in all the car parks and that restrictions that make some car parks short stay only should be removed.

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Residents were outraged when Wiltshire Council hiked up the all day parking charges in Salisbury to 7.40 in 2011, and workers were among the worst hit.

Cllr Corbin said: "It's a work in progress; there's still lots to achieve. It's a compromise. We still have to encourage as many as possible to use the park and ride and the only way to expand running hours is to have a greater turnover.

They suggested Sunday parking should be Gucci Belt Blue Red free, and a different charging structure should that prove not to be viable.

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"Yet another case of some Councillors just not getting it. Salisbury is a commercial centre with businesses and public facilities. City centres need to be competitive. The current parking charges have made our city uncompetitive since April 2011 driving shoppers and visitors to Winchester, Poole, Southampton, Basingstoke and Poole ALL of whom charge 1 or less to shoppers who park up to 5 hours.

because they don't charge to park on a Sunday."

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