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Alderman at Large Jim Donchess urged his colleagues to vote in favor of all the contracts, noting the police groups conceded to go back to October 2011 to repay certain amounts for health care benefits already paid out, as requested, and also opted to switch Gucci Belt Large Buckle

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While some union groups proposed pay raises, Nashua Police Department communications employees, along with other department workers, had proposed to not take a pay raise in fiscal year 2012 or 2013. The contracts would have run from July 1, 2011, to June 30, 2014, with a pay raise taking effect in 2014, according to the submitted paperwork.

Moriarty pointed to merit based city employees who he said, according to his research, received 3 percent raises. He looked through the evening's provided city budget proposed for fiscal year 2014, and he said his calculations showed employees even getting 4 percent raises.

Earlier in April, Lozeau issued a letter criticizing the contract proposals, submitted then to the aldermen, as being overly generous and costly to city taxpayers. The police commission argued their proposal is similar to others that have been passed for other city workers.

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Aldermen say no to 3 of 4 Nashua police contracts

City Clerk Paul Bergeron said the rejected contracts will now go back to the Gucci Belt Men Price bargaining table and will need to be "hashed out" before going back to the Board of Aldermen for approval again.

"I think it's time to get on with life. Negotiations have been going on for two years, and are we were really going to kill this contract over the difference of six tenths of 1 percent over three years for police officers ,who have made the health care concession that they've been asked to make for all these years?" he asked

to another provider in line with the city's other contracts.

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Ward 9 Alderman Daniel Moriarty, said he voted against the contracts because of the issue of "uniformity."

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NASHUA Aldermen shot down three of four proposed police contracts at a full board meeting Tuesday night, citing a slew of reasons, but mainly that it wasn't fair for taxpayers footing the bill.

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Gucci Belt Men Price

not squeeze so hard on everybody else. Either everybody gets a cost of living or pay increase or everybody doesn't."

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Ward 4 Alderman Arthur Craffey Jr. said most would "kill" for a raise of 1.6 percent over the next three years, as proposed in the first contract discussed Tuesday that was put forward by the Nashua Police Gucci Belt Tiger Print

Gucci Belt Men Price

Gucci Belt Men Price

The Nashua Police Supervisors' Association failed in a 5 to 7 vote, where three aldermen were absent for the meeting. The police communication employee contract failed in a 6 to 6, vote and the United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America failed in a 5 to 7 vote. The only contract that passed was for the Teamsters Local 633 group, in an 11 to 1 vote.

These rejected contracts, which covered the Nashua Police Department's three civilian unions and the Nashua Police Supervisors Association, needed to be reviewed within 30 days by the full board since they were approved at the committee level by a narrow vote.


"Going forward, I'm going to hopefully be little more knowledgeable about how this budget works," he said. "I'm curious as to why it's so important to squeeze so hard on a . .5 percent pay increase and then Hermes Belt

"Some have gone into the negative. The cost of living goes up continuously every year so a 4.2 percent over three years ," he said, pointing to reported Department of Public Works pay increases. "There are people out here that would die for that."

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