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that only they can sell and tickets that American might not have access to."

Gucci Belts Black

On American Airlines' website, USA TODAY attempted to book a round trip London Dublin coach ticket and was told "no flights available."

Gucci Belts Black

The website prompted USA TODAY to try other options such as checking "all carriers." When that was done, many British Airways flights appeared, including the least expensive one of $894.30. The same flight, though, was available on British Airways' website for $263.80.

Though British Airways is American's partner, "our joint business and seamless pricing relates to transatlantic journeys," Versace Belt Medusa

Gucci Belts Black

Six outbound flights were offered on partner KLM, but all left France and made a connection in Amsterdam before Gucci Belts Black going back to France. Seven return flights were offered, but all required a stop in Amsterdam. The cheapest KLM round trip ticket was $3,631.90. No flights were offered for Air France, another Delta partner. On Air France's website, a non stop Paris Nice flight was available for $187.39.

Gucci Belts Black

Gucci Belts Black

Gucci Belts Black

Gucci Belts Black

USA TODAY attempted to buy on United Airlines' website a Seoul Bangkok round trip coach ticket on partner airline Thai Airways. The website offered no Thai flights and only one choice: a $1,081 United ticket with a layover in Tokyo.

Gucci Belts Black

Yet, a non stop, round trip ticket was available for $534 on Thai Airways' website or $613.91 on the website of Asiana Airlines, another United partner.

airlines tout the benefits of their partnerships with foreign airlines among other perks, additional frequent flier miles and awards, lounge access and preferred seating but those marketing agreements may fall short for fliers buying tickets or trying to book a free frequent flier ticket on a partner airline, a USA TODAY analysis shows. airline's website. Frequent flier award tickets cannot be booked on some foreign partners or must be booked, for a charge, on the telephone.

says American spokesman Aaron Kokoruz. "In this instance, British Airways can have fares Hermes Belt For Sale

have best price

Airlines' partner sites may not Armani Belts

US Airways spokesman Andrew Christie says the airline's code share flights operated by foreign partners can also be booked at the website.

On another attempt, USA TODAY checked a box for non stop flights and was told "there are no non stop flights for this destination."

Of 25 foreign airline partners, at least some tickets for 16 of them can be bought there, says Delta spokesman Paul Skrbec.

Gucci Belts Black

Gucci Belts Black

The tickets of all foreign partners can be bought on the phone from Delta reservations agents for a $25 charge in addition to the ticket price, Skrbec says.

On Delta Air Lines' website, USA TODAY attempted to book a round trip Paris Nice flight.

Gucci Belts Black

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