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Hermes Belt Black And Red

Hermes Belt Black And Red

Critics say the panel has unprecedented power to dismiss grievances without a public hearing.

Hermes Belt Black And Red

Hermes Belt Black And Red

Vincent Milano claimed Epping teacher Jonathan Altberg threatened the his son, Kurt, with harm in spring 2009 if Kurt didn't finish a final class needed to graduate.

Chairman Paul Ingbretson, R Haverhill, chairs the panel and said Thursday's session was merely to hear the complaint. All affected parties would be informed and invited to speak if the committee took the next step and agreed to hold a public hearing on the incident.

CONCORD An Epping father claiming a teacher issued a death threat to his son became the first person in a century Thursday to bring a "redress of grievance" complaint before a legislative committee.

Gordon Graham, legal counsel for the Epping School District, said the Right to Know Law expressly keeps such personnel matters secret unless the dispute is appealed in the justice system.

In addition to Milano's complaint, the panel also took initial comments on three other citizen disputes Thursday.

Hermes Belt Black And Red

"If a child is abused by Hermes Belt Black And White

"The petition is factually deficient and should be thrown out without further consideration."

Rep. Dan Itse, R Fremont, brought the petition on Milano's behalf.

Milano said Kurt was emotionally shaken and moved out of the home after the incident.

Hermes Belt Black And Red

"How many petitions will be brought before you start containing fictitious material?" Dodge asked. "This matter is a personnel matter that should not be before this committee.

Alleged teacher death threat prompts rare N

Hermes Belt Black And Red

a teacher who is a public official, are you telling me any kind of disciplinary action could not be made public?" charged a visibly upset Rep. Kevin Avard, R Nashua. "Doesn't the public have a right to know?"

The Hermes Belt Black And Red case was heard before the House Redress of Grievances Committee, a special panel created by House Speaker William Hermes Belt Purple

Both local officials condemned the legislative committee for holding a public proceeding about a private personnel matter.

Altberg has denied to Epping police he ever threatened Kurt Milano and has claimed to have a "good relationship" with the child since he was 6 years old.

"Did it terrorize? Yes. Was there a history of conflict between the teacher and the student? Yes," Itse declared.

"There are two sides to every story, which is precisely why disputes such as this are ill advised for this body," Munsey, the superintendent, testified. "We thoroughly deny the allegations contained in the petition."

Dodge said the Epping Police Department fully investigated Kurt Milano's allegations over three weeks and prosecutors concluded the case did not justify bringing charges.

Hermes Belt Black And Red

Several committee members were angry that Epping officials would not comment on specifics in the case.

"I felt unprotected by my town government," Milano told the House Redress of Grievances Committee. "I want an apology, a public apology. I want the students to have the same equal rights under the law as when a student threatens a teacher."

According to Milano, Altberg told Kurt his father would "kill everyone" if the work wasn't finished Ferragamo Belt Amazon

O'Brien, R Mont Vernon, after he learned that the complaint process spelled out in the Constitution hadn't been used by the state Legislature since the mid 1800s.

Both Superintendent of Schools Barbara Munsey and Epping Police Chief Gregory Dodge denied Milano's allegations.

Milano asked the Legislature to order the Epping School District to make a public apology to him and to agree that the Epping Police Department failed to "adequately investigate" whether this was a criminal threatening incident.

Hermes Belt Black And Red

"The claim this was not investigated that is not true. It is a lie," said Dodge, who also serves as chairman of the Epping School Board.

Hermes Belt Black And Red

"The administration has responded appropriately to the facts in this case and stands by its actions," Munsey said, declining to talk in specifics about the case.

Rep. George Lambert, R Litchfield, protested that an inquiry into the actions of school officials on public property could be shielded.

Hermes Belt Black And Red

by Friday. Then the teacher allegedly said it would never get to that point because "I would kill you first."

Dodge said he was upset that he was never informed about a grievance that condemned his department.

Hermes Belt Black And Red

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