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Aiming Hermes Belt Colors to CAP it all From Bradford Telegraph and Argus

Hermes Belt Colors

attracted more than 500 volunteers.

roll out of the charity's new centres.

CAP was established in 1996 and provides face to face support for individuals struggling as a result of personal debt. It now has a turnover of 5m.

third had considered suicide and one in 20 had attempted to take their own life because of their debts.

Hermes Belt Colors

bases its operations in churches and Women Gucci Belt

CAP is also looking to build on its existing presence in Australia and New Zealand, where it has 17 church based operations. It also plans to move into other countries, including Canada.

Hermes Belt Colors

Richard Hargreaves, relationship manager for Lloyds TSB Commercial in Bradford, said: "CAP is an important charity making a huge difference at a time when we are seeing record levels of personal

The charity has been backed by Lloyds TSB Commercial in Bradford since it began. The bank funded the purchase of CAP's Bradford base in Jubilee Mill, North Street, and will be supporting the

currently has 72 centres Lv Belt Blue

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is looking to establish a centre in every major UK town and city by 2012 and is also targeting international expansion.

Hermes Belt Colors

The charity Louis Vuitton Belt Damier

CAP recently won the top spot in the Sunday Times' 100 Best Places to Work For poll and now directly employs 150 people, 75 of whom are based in its Bradford headquarters The organisation has also

continue to be crucial in allowing us to establish centres across the UK."

Hermes Belt Colors

debt, up 170 per cent in the last decade.

"Facilities are in place to support the charity's growth and as part of the UK's largest branch network we can help CAP access locally based assistance for each of the new centres."

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Hermes Belt Colors

Hermes Belt Colors

Hermes Belt Colors

"The Lloyds TSB Commercial team in Bradford has been on hand to provide support since we launched the charity more than a decade ago and their understanding of our organisation and its aims will

Matt Barlow, CAP chief executive, said: "Personal debt is a problem which affects millions of individuals, their families and communities in the UK. A study of our clients showed that more than a

CAP's services are largely based upon home visits and a money management course which was launched earlier this year.

''It's vital that debt counselling on a local and face to face basis is available to help these people.

across the UK. It will need to open 40 new centres each year to meet its growth targets.

Hermes Belt Colors

Hermes Belt Colors

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