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But McCoist isn't another man. He's his own man and has withstood worse in recent months than having someone make a snap judgment on a 140 year period in time.

Hermes Belt For Men

"I gave back as good as I got but, unfortunately, some of it ended up on the cutting room floor because we got near the knuckle at times.

"I'd missed the banter with John Parrot and he was good on the programme, wasn't he?

"This is where my job is," he said, pointing around Murray Park. "And it has never crossed my mind to be Louis Vuitton Belt Amazon Uk

wouldn't have a clue.

Hermes Belt For Men

anywhere else. My priority is Rangers. One hundred per cent. And there's work to be done here. My ambition is to complete the work and get us back to where we belong.

"TV's a different world to the one I work in now and looking at the pictures from years ago that's literally the case. But I'm OK with that and a return to the studio hasn't given me a taste to do it for a living once again.

Hermes Belt For Men

Hermes Belt For Men

"There have been positive vibes and that's great. I want players in ASAP."

Hermes Belt For Men

"All you can ask as a manager is for your players to do all that's being asked of them. My squad are doing that."

"The bottom line now is the players have been absolutely fabulous in terms of their willingness to learn and have us 20 points clear at the top.

the last three or four years to go down and do a special programme but I've always had other commitments.

Hermes Belt For Men

Hermes Belt For Men

"Also, I would hope a decision on league reconstruction is taken sooner rather than later because that's an extra bind on hands that are already tied behind your back.

He said: "First of all our hands are tied in terms of the transfer embargo.

But yesterday he poured scorn on any idea of a rift between them and said: "I've heard the interview in full and it was extremely positive and very honest. At the start of the season it was shambolic through no fault of anyone at the club and the only objective was to get out of the Third Division.

Ally McCoist in two minds over Charles Green

"But we are where we are and we'll handle it fine. We have a big list of signing targets and we're talking to one or two agents.

This particular question of sport may have caused another man to have a nostalgic hankering for the past and those exchanges of wit with John Parrott in a TV studio.

"Is what was said an insult to the players?" he asked. "It is if it's right and no one knows if that's the case or not. I certainly Lv Belts White

"But there's absolutely no way, shape or form I'm going to say the current crop of players aren't doing everything that has been asked of them."

Hermes Belt For Men

McCoist appeared on the 1000th edition of A Question of Sport on Monday night and might have wondered about asking if there was any work on the 1001st edition when he heard Green's put down.

When the subject was raised at the Murray Park press briefing, the Rangers boss insisted he couldn't endorse Green's claim that this was the worst side ever to grace Ibrox.

"You can't even bring in players on free transfers when they don't know which league they're going to be in.

"You'd better believe it would be a problem but where we are at the moment is absolutely fine. I've been in this game long enough to know there's always room for improvement at any club and that's what we're trying to do by bringing in better players to help the ones who are here now.

"It was great to see everybody for the 1000th show because they'd been on at me for Womens Lv Belt

But when McCoist then spoke to broadcasters and Rangers TV he claimed chief executive Green had been "100 per cent right".

"I have no complaints in terms of what the players are giving me. They're getting the job done and I'm delighted with them. If we were playing fantastic football week in, week out and were two points behind in the league, would that be a problem?

The Ibrox boss will attempt to add to that squad with signings between now and September but Hermes Belt For Men McCoist admits not knowing which division Rangers will be in has caused him problems.

Hermes Belt For Men

How anyone who wasn't alive 140 years ago can quantify which Rangers side was the worst to represent the club is a mystery and McCoist admitted it isn't one he is qualified to solve.

McCoist then allowed himself an affectionate look back at his return to television stardom, while never once allowing nostalgia to cloud his vision of the future.

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