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Hermes Belt Men

The course is also notable for a 133 foot elevation heading into first turn, which means the cars will be immediately descend from that height into the second turn. And because it's a new track, Quantity Hermes Belt

Hermes Belt Men

Alonso, 31, has nearly 200 Formula One starts and he said he can't even remember his 100th race.

the surface is expected to be slippery.

"By the looks of it, it looks quite interesting, but it's always the feel you get inside the car that's most important," Vettel said.

Racing a new track would seem to cancel out any advantage Vettel and Alonso might have had enjoyed on a course where they had won in the past.

With the points chase so close between Vettel and Alonso, other drivers could factor into the championship if they steal points from those two. Kimi Raikkonen sits a distant third in the championship but won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Nov. 4.

Vettel and Alonso have spent hours practicing the race in course simulators. Alonso did two laps on a bicycle on Wednesday and Vettel planned to walk the course Thursday afternoon.

Formula One may be trying to appease an American viewers who are often sensitive about profanity on television and broadcasters who could be fined by federal regulators. In NASCAR, Hermes Belt Men drivers can be fined or lose points for swearing in live interviews.

"Maximum concentration, maximum effort from everyone on the team" will make the difference, Alonso said. "Do a lot of laps, to learn the racing lines, the possibilities and some of the notable characteristics of Belt Versace

The Circuit of the Americas was designed by German firm Tilke GmbH, which has built tracks in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Shanghai. The designers tried to mimic several notable characteristics of other courses, such as the quick succession of turns 3 6, similar to Silverstone in England.

AUSTIN (AP) Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel says he's sorry about the fuss about his swearing. He also says don't be so sensitive. Grand Prix. Vettel caused a stir last week after the race in Abu Dhabi when he and winner Kimi Raikkonen cursed during live television interviews.

Hermes Belt Men

Hermes Belt Men

"Sitting here 100 races later is quite crazy in a way. I think if the number gives you anything, it's just that you don't realize how quickly time goes by," the 25 year old Vettel said.

"We try to do the best that we can as a team in the race and wherever we end up, if we take points out of either of them, that's racing, that's life," Raikkonen said. "We just try to win, if not, score as much as we can."

"The language drivers use is passive compared to what you hear on TV or in general," Ecclestone told The Associated Press.

Hermes Belt Men

"And the language he used is probably the language he uses all the time with the team. That's how it is," Ecclestone said.

Vettel said his swearing was unintentional, adding, "I think it's a bit unnecessary to create such a big fuss. But anyway, if I said some things that weren't appreciated, I apologize."

Hermes Belt Men

other tracks in Formula One . maybe tricks . that the circuit can have."

"The track seems spectacular," Alonso said. "Very, very nice. It will be challenging for us drivers and for the engineers as well. built expressly for Formula One. before starting a run of street courses in cities such as Long Beach, Calif., Las Vegas, Detroit, Dallas and Phoenix. The race moved to Indianapolis Motor Speedway where it was run on a road course built inside the oval track from 2000 to 2007.

Formula One officials sent a letter to the teams reminding them that such language "has no place" during media events and brings bad publicity to world's most popular motorsport series.

Sunday's race will be the 100th of Vettel's career. Grand Prix in 2007 and he recalled how difficult that race was when he finished eighth to earn his first point.

Hermes Belt Men

"I don't even know where it was," Alonso said.

Hermes Belt Men

"I think if you are sensitive you should watch, I don't know, some kids' program," Vettel said Thursday. "You have the remote control in your hand, so you can choose."

Ecclestone also noted that Vettel, who is German, was not speaking in his native language.

Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone didn't seem concerned about the drivers' behavior.

Hermes Belt Men

Alonso duel rolls onto new track in U

circuits and put them together," Formula One President and CEO Bernie Ecclestone said. "It should make good racing."

Hermes Belt Men

"We've taken good bits from all the different Gucci Belt D Ring Buckle

Vettel said the drivers have faced similar challenges on new courses that have opened in recent years.

Notebook: Vettel apologizes for swearing, asks others to not be sensitive

Hermes Belt Men

"You try to prepare as much as you can. It's not the first time we've raced on a completely new circuit." Vettel said. "The most important thing is to get into a rhythm (Friday) and have a good start."

Hermes Belt Men

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