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The research, led by a team of transplant specialists at the University Hospital in Regensburg, Germany, developed the approach using a special class of stem cells referred to as multipotent adult progenitor cells (MAPCs). The MAPCs, collected from the bone marrow of a healthy donor, display a range of regenerative abilities and are already being used in clinical trials in several other areas, including for bone marrow transplant support, as well as for treating damage from stroke Hermes Belt Men Black and heart disease and for certain autoimmune conditions. "In contrast to other cell types, MAPCs can be expanded in a manner that makes them amenable to large scale production, potentially making them an optimal choice for routine clinical use especially in the so called 'third party' scenario in which the cell donor is unrelated to the organ donor and recipient."

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Hermes Belt Men Black

"In the group with no treatment, the grafts Belts Versace

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were rejected in less than two weeks; short term immunosuppressive drug treatments kept them intact just a few days longer. However, rats given a combination of short term immunosuppressive treatment and MAPC exhibited a high percentage of prolonged survival, even after treatment with immunosuppressive drugs was stopped. This indicates a promising pathway for clinical immunotherapy," Dr. Dahlke commented. "If transplantation procedures could be conducted with lower requirements for immunosuppressive drugs, this could provide a substantial benefit to patients and could also broaden the impact of transplantation medicine, helping many more patients and providing a better quality of life."

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Hermes Belt Men Black

In addition, the research demonstrates that the transplanted organ retained its immunologically privileged state during a subsequent transplantation into another nave recipient.

The finding demonstrates that an immunoprivileged state had been induced in the graft that can be carried into another untreated animal.

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team of researchers published results demonstrating that a universal stem cell product increases the long term survival of organ transplants in instances when the cell donor is neither related to the organ donor nor the organ recipient. Their approach also appears to alleviate the need for ongoing immune suppression.

"This is an interesting study demonstrating the potential of multipotent adult progenitor cells to serve as a universal cell product," said Anthony Atala, MD, Editor of STEM CELLS Translational Medicine and director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. "Being able to reduce the level of immunosuppressant drugs post transplant would have significant benefits to patients."

The study team is now recruiting for a Phase I clinical trial to assess the safety profile of MAPC infusion in liver transplant recipients. Athersys is also conducting clinical trials in several other areas using MultiStem, the clinical grade product being developed that utilizes the MAPC technology. By bridging stem cell research and clinical trials, SCTM will help move applications of these critical investigations closer to accepted best practices. All three journals are premier periodicals with globally recognized editorial boards dedicated to advancing knowledge and education in their focused disciplines.

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Hermes Belt Men Black

Hermes Belt Men Black

Hermes Belt Men Black

Most other cell therapy trials have used cells collected from either the organ donor or recipient. The preparation of such customized cell therapies is costly and challenging. With this in mind, the Dahlke team decided to explore the potential of a third party derived MAPC to act as a universal donor, consistent with the approach being taken clinically in several other disease areas. They conducted their study on rats that received allogeneic heart grafts.

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One group of animals was treated after the transplant with a combination of MAPCs and a low dose of an immunosuppressive drug administered for a short term. Another group was administered immunosuppressive drugs only, while a third group received no extra treatment at all. Only grafts from those animals receiving MAPC and immunosuppressives survived long term.

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When long term accepted heart grafts were then recovered from the MAPC treated animals and re transplanted into yet another group of untreated animals (genetically identical to the first group of recipients), they engrafted successfully without triggering rejection. This held true even when no immune suppressive drug was administered.

AlphaMed Release Universal Stem Cell Product Could Overcome Key Challenges in Donor Organ Tran

Hermes Belt Men Black

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Hermes Belt Men Black

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