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Gribble lowered Marks into the basement, because he was the smallest, but Marks thought he was locked in because he was trying to push open a door that opened toward him. Once inside, the men checked a number of rooms, turned off the electricity, and Spader and Gribble went into the master bedroom armed with a machete, knife and an iPod for light, Marks said.

NASHUA Steven Spader was a dim figure standing on the right side of Kimberly Cates' bed. It was a full moon that Hermes Belt Red And Gold

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Alleged Spader conspirator Marks takes the stand Video

Louis Vuitton Belt Brown

A week or two before the attack, he and Spader were driving past the Cates home and the large house next door and talked about robbing them because they were isolated, he said.

who was on the witness stand Tuesday in Spader's first degree murder trial.

They begged. Someone said it was going to be OK. It wasn't, according to William Marks, Gucci Belt Gg Men

Cohen started the cross examination asking Marks about conversations he had with his father on the phone and during visiting hours. He said they talked about the monetary value of his knowledge and how selling it to a national outlet would make good money.

Jaimie was eventually able to crawl Louis Vuitton Belt Brown out of the bedroom, find a phone in the kitchen and call 911.

"Steve Spader walked up to her and hit her in the head with a machete and kicked her in the chest," Marks said. Jaimie Cates, who was 11 at the time, didn't move.

Marks was a senior at Souhegan High School in Amherst last fall. He met Spader at a party about six months before. They hung out together a lot and sometimes talked about killing and hurting people, he said.

Marks said he turned on the lights once the attack was over and saw Kimberly Cates on the bed. She was moaning. A little girl was on the floor against a sliding glass door. She wasn't moving.

Marks said he was in the doorway during the attack and was focused on Spader. He said he didn't see what Gribble was doing.

Strelzin repeatedly had Marks look at the jury and tell them exactly what he had and had not done in connection with the attack. Marks admitted he helped plan it, picking the house and even giving Gribble directions to it, but said he never touched Kimberly or Jaimie Cates and never took anything from the house.

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Louis Vuitton Belt Brown

Louis Vuitton Belt Brown

Marks said he was just going along with the crowd and trying to look tough in front of his girlfriend. The day after the attack, Marks told Carmen he was having flashbacks about what happened.

Marks said he had friends who lived near Trow Road and he knew the area.

He also admitted to a laundry list of lies he told police when he was first interviewed, the day after the murder was discovered.

Marks took the stand during the seventh day of testimony. Spader is charged with first degree murder, attempted murder, witness tampering, and conspiracy to murder and burglary. He faces life in prison without the chance of parole.

He admitted to changing his story, but still not telling the truth. His story changed to include the house was very dark, that he kept his knife in his pocket and that he didn't hear a struggle inside the bedroom. Those were different details than he told the jury Tuesday.

night, and it sounded like a bat hitting the mattress when he used two hands to bring a machete down on the figures in the bed.

Later, Christopher Gribble joined in on the plan, Marks said, and he learned Quinn Glover would be there the night of the attack, he said.


Throughout much of Saturday, Spader sent Marks increasingly demanding text messages, which were shown in court Tuesday, demanding he come and meet him. At one point, Marks text messaged Spader that they should wait to rob the house until the family left for church, according to the texts.

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Eventually Marks said he told his girlfriend, Tenley Carmen, he was going home but met up with Spader and Gribble. They changed clothes, picked up Glover and drove to Mont Vernon, he said.

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Louis Vuitton Belt Brown

"If you get called, you come. No questions asked," Marks read.

Marks, 19, of Amherst, is the only person scheduled to testify who says he saw what happened inside the bedroom Oct. 4, 2009, when Cates was hacked to death and her daughter, Jaimie Cates, left for dead.

Afterward, Marks said he and his father, James Marks, talked about the value of his knowledge, and they schemed to sell the story to a national media outlet during jailhouse visits and on the phone. A national outlet would pay more for the information, Marks said under cross examination by defense lawyer Jonathan Cohen.

He also admitted to Cohen that he lied to protect himself and only admitted certain things unless he thought police could prove him wrong. Most of his answers to Cohen were one word, yes or no.

Marks said he joked with the others after the attack. He testified that before the attack, he said he wanted to "plant" a hatchet he had in Gribble's car into someone's head. Earlier, he told Carmen he wanted to "kill a pig" with a knife he had just purchased at a Milford shop.

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Marks admitted to telling police he did not know why they were in Mont Vernon, that he was never in the bedroom or the basement and that he did not know who did what inside the house until someone told him right before they left. All were Hermes Belt Mens Black

Louis Vuitton Belt Brown

Marks spoke quietly but clearly during his 2 hours of testimony. The bright, jailhouse orange shirt looked too big on his 5 foot 3 inch, 97 pound frame.

"Spader shined the iPod on the people in the bed. They woke up. They started to talk, and at that point, Steve Spader started hitting them with a machete," Marks said. "They were saying, 'You don't have to do this. Please stop. Everything is going to be OK.'"

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