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Many of the voters casting ballots Saturday afternoon said they were frustrated with lack of progress in the city and wanted to see change. Hinojosa acknowledged that sentiment and said campaigning this year had given him an even clearer view of how voters want to see economic development.

"I feel good, what else can I say?" Gomez said. "My priority will be to work together and have everyone vote on the same page I don't want majorities."

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when winning and losing candidates crossed back and forth to each other's camps shaking hands and congratulate each other.

The following runoff was low key and stayed friendly, even after its conclusion, Versace Belt Medusa Head Gold

Anxious supporters pressed against the glass of the Mercedes Civic Center waiting for full results after early voting numbers showed the Place 3 candidates tied, the Place 1 candidates apart by only one vote and Commissioner Rudy Rodriguez slightly leading Mayor Henry Hinojosa in the mayoral race.

High spender and mayoral hopeful Joaquin Hernandez shaped much of the flavor of that May election, with an expensive and high profile campaign that ultimately Lv Belt Black And Gold proved unsuccessful against two incumbent commission members. Three other candidates for commission seats were also eliminated.

were posted, the lead shifted. Hinojosa received 70 more votes than his rival, winning re election 769 to 735 when those were combined with the early vote.

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The victors said they intended to begin by focusing on economic development issues, including trying to bring in some kind of big box retail stores.

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"That was a great race, to say the least," he said. "I'm ready to move on. It's been a long drawn out affair.".

Lopez praised his rival Medrano for a well run campaign that substantially lessened the margin between them from the first race and shocked him when the early numbers came out tied at 508 each.

He added a condemnation of what he called false allegations against his wife midway through early voting, when a citizen filed a complaint claiming she had assisted in forging two mail in ballots.

"We worked it hard, but we just fell a little bit short, so I guess the Lord Gucci Belt New Style

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But when the Election Day numbers Louis Vuitton Belt Brown And Gold

along with two allies

has other plans for me," he said.

"I feel relieved. I feel like a bear," Hinojosa said. "Election Day always saves the day for me."

"What we've been doing for the past three years, we're going to continue doing that," he said. "It's going to take a lot of time and a lot of money and it takes longer than three years. For me to get re elected, obviously the voters realize this."

As his campaign workers finished double checking the numbers, Rodriguez strode over and embraced Hinojosa to accept defeat.

Rodriguez accepted his loss Saturday and said he had no plans to run again in the future.

The mayor's allies, Jose Gomez in Place 1 and Armando Lopez in Place 3 also pulled ahead from their close races with Election Day votes to win. Gomez beat Chris Lackey 781 to 711 and Lopez beat Alvaro Medrano 772 to 733.

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The results wrapped up a long election season in Mercedes, which began months ago with 10 candidates trying to snare the three seats.

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