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In a Facebook posting, Scheurich McDonough writes, "lets get this coward that assaulted me!!!!!!"

Scheurich McDonough can't talk about the Guess Belt

the driver forced her off the road and she returned to the road, she gave a small beep, she said. The driver then followed her to her son's father's house, where he allegedly grabbed her by the neck and punched her several times in the face with an open palm. She said he then began to drive away while still holding on to her, only to finally let go and let her fall to the ground. Police are investigating and are urging anyone with information to contact them directly.

The alleged incident began Sunday night when Scheurich McDonough was driving from downtown Nashua to take her son to his father's residence on Meadowbrook Drive, she said.

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Scheurich McDonough describes the suspect as a white man of medium build, with Gucci Belt Green Red Gold

"I'll never forget his face," Scheurich McDonough said through tears.

NASHUA A woman who says she was punched and dragged to the ground after a road rage assault is using social media to try to find the man who attacked her.

Nashua police confirmed that they are investigating Scheurich McDonough's complaint of the assault, which she says happened Sunday evening.

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Scheurich McDonough didn't get the make of the SUV but said it was more "curved than boxy" and was elongated. The vehicle appeared to have a new interior and was in good shape, and the man gave the impression of being "upper middle class," she said.

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A uniformed police officer first investigated the assault. Due to the brutality of the alleged attack, a detective later was assigned to the case, according to Lt. Michael Moushegian of the police detectives bureau.

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Fearing she would hit something, Scheurich McDonough pulled her car back onto the road. She admits that she honked her horn once at the driver.

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dark eyes, a bald head and clean shaven face. He appeared to be in his mid to late 30s or perhaps early 40s and wore a sweater, she said.

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The SUV then tailgated her down East Dunstable Road, honking its horn and flashing its lights. When she stopped and got out of her car, the man grabbed her and slammed her against the side of his vehicle, Scheurich McDonough said.

assault without tears. Although she wasn't seriously injured, she says she fears for her and her family's safety and asked that The Telegraph withhold her address, saying only that she lives in Nashua.

Melissa Scheurich McDonough has posted details of her attack on Facebook, asking for help in identifying the Lv Belts Cheap bald, clean shaven man who was driving a black SUV.

Melissa Scheurich McDonough holds her son Kyler Guthro while her litte brother Thomas Dubois sits at the end of the couch Thursday evening in their Nashua home. Scheurich McDonough claims she was the victim of a Sunday night road rage attack by a man driving a black SUV on Stillwater Drive in Nashua. After Hermes Belt Sale

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His SUV had New Hampshire plates, with the first three numbers being 313, she said.

Alleged road rage victim in Nashua turns to Facebook to find suspect Video

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