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Stanley tricked the two elderly residents, paving their driveways without permission and then pressuring them to drive to their banks for money, police said.

She told police she gave Stanley the money because she felt intimidated. The woman was unable to contact a family member for guidance, police said.

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Versace Belt Black Medusa Head

Versace Belt Black Medusa Head

woman's garage door, causing the door to be jammed shut, police said. Police detectives chipped away at the asphalt so the door could open again, police said.

The woman told Stanley she didn't have the money, but he drove her to a local bank, police said. Once there, the woman took a $3,000 cash advance on a credit card, police said.

Stanley pulled the scam on the 94 year old woman two days later, police said.

It's considered one of the oldest tricks in the book, but by police accounts, Stanley nonetheless intimidated a 94 year old woman into borrowing $3,000 in cash from her credit card and pressured an 84 year old man into taking $3,900 out of a bank account.

Stanley had the woman sign a contract, but didn't provide her with a copy, she told police.

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Versace Belt Black Medusa Head

Stanley worked with a crew, and Police Lt. George McCarthy said more arrests are possible. Other residents are also coming forward to say they have fallen victim to the driveway scam, McCarthy said.

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The man asked Stanley to sign a contract for the work, and Stanley listed "Driveways Co." on the paperwork, police said.

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Stanley first targeted the 84 year old man at his home on June 23, police said.

was placed over the existing driveway and up against the Armani Belt Mens

that he was being taken advantage of, asked Stanley that a bill be sent instead, police said.

As with the man, Stanley told the woman that his crew had extra asphalt after completing a nearby job, police said. Stanley said he would pave her driveway for $3,000, which he called a "great offer" that the woman shouldn't tell anyone about, police said.

Stanley still demanded payment, and lowered the bill to $3,900, police said. He drove the man to a bank, where a cash payment was made, police said.

Stanley told the man that his work crew had extra asphalt and they could repair potholes in the man's driveway, police said. The man agreed to only pothole repair for $100, police said.

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Nashua Police also checked the work at the woman's home, and found that asphalt wasn't rolled but rather stepped on by Stanley's crew, police said.

Alleged driveway paving scam artist arrested

A Class A Felony is punishable by up to 15 years imprisonment, exclusive of fines. New Hampshire state law allows for enhanced penalties when a victim over the age of 65 is targeted, police said.

Nashua Police viewed the driveway, and found the work to be of poor quality. Asphalt was laid over existing driveway and stepped on, police said.

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Versace Belt Black Medusa Head

The woman refused, but Stanley and his crew with a truck labeled "Dunn Right Paving" paved the driveway nonetheless, police said. He then demanded $3,000, police said.

But Stanley and his crew paved the entire driveway, and demanded $4,500 to be paid immediately, police said. The 84 year old man felt intimidated by the number of people on his property, and knowing Hermes Belt New Collection

Versace Belt Black Medusa Head

Joseph Stanley, who has a last known address of 32 Yarmouth Dr., was arrested Tuesday and is free on $7,500 cash bail, police said. He faces two felony counts of theft by deception.

Police alerted the public to Stanley's alleged crimes and the warrant for his arrest on Saturday evening. A story posted on The Telegraph's web site Monday morning Versace Belt Black Medusa Head has generated more than 80 reader comments, with a large handful of readers claiming they have been scammed or approached by Stanley or others.

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