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knew that we had to start offering high school classes sooner, so those students could take more electives in high school, Thompson said in November. we bumped some of the high school courses down to middle school. Educators later found out that some of the middle school students did not have the maturity or the vocabulary for the high school class to be effective.

Because there will be an increase of students taking the math and science courses, the district will need more teachers and space for the classes. Math and science teachers are the hardest to find, Thompson said.

labs can be very expensive, she said. you definitely want to cap class size at 24 students. Based on that number, which is the class size recommended by the Natural Science Teachers Association and Natural Science Education Leadership Association, the district will need about seven extra classrooms, she said. That number is calculated from the difference between the number of students that will have to take four years of the subjects in the future and the number of students that are already taking four years of math and science.

Versace Belt Medusa Head

Versace Belt Medusa Head

trying to do the best we can so they can do everything they want, Thompson said.

So far, the health class offering has been the only minor issue the district has seen, Thompson said. Lawmakers gave schools enough time Louis Vuitton Belt Black And Grey

like planning to take tennis in college but not taking tennis your senior year (in high school), she said.

Versace Belt Medusa Head

More dual credit courses, which take place off campus and after hours at local colleges and selected correspondence courses may also help students complete the more rigorous requirements without cutting back on electives.

The Abilene Independent School District needs to add approximately seven teachers to its ranks and to build approximately $1 million worth of new science labs in the next two years because of new math and science requirements effective for freshmen this school year.

But teachers and classroom space are the only two problems the district must tackle.

Versace Belt Medusa Head

To accommodate the new requirements into schedules packed with extracurricular activities, such as athletics, band or choir, the school district has made a number of adjustments to courses and schedules, including the addition of a period before school starts to allow students to take more classes. AISD also plans to increase its summer school offerings.

Versace Belt Medusa Head

Versace Belt Medusa Head

The general labs can be used for multiple science classes, meaning that different types of science courses can use the same facilities, she said.

One thing that may help the school district is the dual credit courses that will be accepted in the program, she said. Versace Belt Medusa Head If enough students take dual credit math and science classes at Cisco Junior College, the district may not need to hire more teachers, she said.

Versace Belt Medusa Head

AISD superintendent David Polnick estimates that the new labs will cost about $1 million. Although the board is investigating a possible May bond election for facility and technology upgrades, money for the new facilities will not be included, he said. Instead the money will come from interest earned on the bond, if voters approve it, or the district's regular budget.

Versace Belt Medusa Head

There's also the issue of more classroom space, she said. While math classes can be held in regular classrooms, science classes will be costly lab facilities that hold a smaller number of students, she said.

AISD preparing for new 4x4 curriculum changes

While the new requirements poses an academic or scheduling challenge for some students, it is also a puzzle for school districts in the state, including Abilene Independent School District, Thompson said.

One course adjustment that has caused some trouble is the high school health course offered to seventh grade students.

now, we have teachers that are all highly qualified, she said. to fill the 4x4 is going to be a double challenge. School districts across the state will be fighting for an already limited pool of teachers, she said. Gucci Belt Transparent Background

Legislators passed the law with the hope that the new requirements would prepare students careers and college and bring more manufacturing and technology businesses to the state, said Gaile Thompson, the AISD executive director of secondary education. Lawmakers also thought that the senior year was not rigorous enough for some students, she said.

developed a general guideline for districts to determine how many extra labs each district would need under the new 4x4 plan. According to their Lab Calculator, AISD needs seven because of its enrollment, Thompson said.

to prepare for the problem but probably not enough funds, she said. The school district had multiple meetings to discuss the changes with parents and students.

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In 2006, state legislators passed a law that tacked on an additional year of math and science to high school requirements and instead of three credits in each subject, students were required to take four. The plan means students will have to take four years each of the four core subjects English language arts, social studies, math and science which is where the plan gets it name.

Jamie Truitt, the district's sexuality education coordinator, brought the matter to the district's health advisory committee after talking with health teachers in the district, who were unhappy with the fact the course was being taught to seventh grade students.

Versace Belt Medusa Head

Researchers at Texas State University Versace Belt White And Gold

very ambitious, but I do think that it will increase the number of students that are better prepared for college or their careers, she said. Corporations might bring more jobs to the state or even build their headquarters in Texas if they believed a skilled workforce was here, she said.

Versace Belt Medusa Head

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