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So what is the answer when Suncal fails? A land trust as was used for the Presidio certainly looks promising and should be fully explored by city staff atsoon as possible. Building a VA hospital, clinic and columbarium would also be a great addition to Alameda Point. So we do have options that are clearly better for Alameda than what Suncal is proposing. Now it's up to our elected officials and city staff to make the right decisions for the redevelopment at the Point, set the direction and future for our city.

The city of Alameda currently does not regulate the amount that candidates may receive to run a campaign. Some believe that unregulated campaign financing can create at least an appearance of impropriety and undue influence. Many jurisdictions have passed laws limiting political contributions and encourage limits on campaign spending.

Don't get me wrong the developer has the right to make a profit, but it can't be at the expense of the city and its taxpayers.

Limiting the amount of money that candidates can spend or receive to seek elective office has bedeviled the political process for many years. The amendments to limit the receipt of campaign contributions by elected officials currently applies only to state officials and to those candidates and officials in jurisdictions whose local governments have adopted laws for themselves.

Over the past 30 years, California voters have approved a number of propositions aimed at regulating and disclosing the flow of money into political campaigns. These propositions have amended the California Political Reform Act.

Anne Spanier, vice president program

Enough said, folks. Do us a big favor and stop annoying. Build something where we could hire people who are out of work. And quit the traffic congestion business, because Naval Air Station Alameda had at least 14,000 sailors (Naval Air Station, squadron and aircraft carrier sailors) and approximately 6, 000 to 7,000 civilian employees working on base before. I know it, I was both a sailor and a civilian. 7 and listened to Suncal give their vision for the redevelopment of Alameda Point. I left somewhat confused, as did many others I spoke with after the meeting.

The California Fair Political Practices Commission is the government body that enforces political campaign, lobbying and conflict of Hermes Belt For Men Price

Can we say that we are placing the cart in front of the horse? No question, we are. Instead of concentrating on the number of homes to be built, we should be working on how to get people on and off the island. The traffic nightmare that is staring at us with redevelopment of this magnitude is inevitable.

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Nothing was brought up about a VA hospital or columbarium, which is a big laugh as far as I'm concerned. Why should a very tiny city like Alameda do it? If they need a hospital, Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland is empty. And if they want a cemetery, why not go in big vacant lands like Oakland, San Leandro or Hayward. They have huge rolling hills for these matters.

anywhere from $184 million to $700 million. These figures were voiced in the Council Chambers Versace Belt Sale by city staff and several speakers. Given the large discrepancies in the amounts, you really don't know what to believe. One thing is very clear Suncal doesn't have the finances to undertake a project of this magnitude. It requires significant monetary help.

Their plan not being compliant with Measure A is another serious problem. I was a member of the Base Reuse Advisory Group when we selected Alameda Point Community Partners to accomplish the Alameda Point development. They were Measure A compliant. So why can't Suncal follow that lead? The answer is clear, the more homes that are built, the bigger the profit.

After retirement from the Navy, I worked at the Naval Air Rework Facility or the Naval Aviation Depot and retired during the base closure in 1995.

were provided seminars on where to re employ, and for the retirees, what to do next. Several topics were presented along with the possible reuse of the base and the big buildings that were erected approximately five years before the base closure.

interest laws in California, similar to what the Federal Election Commission does at the federal level. It was established in 1974 by the Political Reform Act, a ballot initiative passed by California voters as Proposition 9.

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Former air station used to traffic

Now, what should the base be used for? During the base closure, NAS Alameda and Naval Aviation Depot employees Louis Vuitton Belt Lifetime Warranty

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On the financial side, Suncal evidently wants bonds issued ranging Damier Louis Vuitton Belt

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So don't even tell me about traffic congestion, because that base used to employ thousands of civilians on base, plus approximately 4,500 sailors aboard each vessel. We had at least three aircraft carriers moored on the pier during the 1960s and late '70s, so quit spinning about traffic congestion!

Campaign spending forum Thursday

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Alameda letters to the editor

I laugh whenever I read letters in the Alameda Journal. I laugh because people write so many letters about the proper use of the base, yet they haven't even been on that base for long. Listen folks, I've been in and out of Naval Air Station Alameda since I joined the Navy in 1961 and retired in 1980 at the same base. I've been stationed many years on shore and on three aircraft carriers, the USS Hancock, USS Coral Sea and the USS Ranger.

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Whether such laws are appropriate for the city of Alameda is a question that the Alameda League of Women Voters would like to see discussed and analyzed. The league is committed to open and fair elections and works to assure that those principles are observed in all levels of government. Over the years the league has supported many of the propositions placed before the voters on this issue.

On Thursday, the Alameda league is sponsoring a forum to discuss this issue. at the Alameda Main Library, 1550 Oak St.

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Alameda League of Women Voters

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